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4 Christmas Outfits to Wear this Holiday!

November 02, 2023 2 min read

4 Christmas Outfits to Wear this Holiday!

Whether you plan to dance around the Christmas tree, drink and eat till you drop, lay in bed in your pjs, or party like an animal – one thing’s clear: you need Christmas outfits. And if you’re into fashion… then you’ ll loooove the whole ‘circus’ around the what to wear question. To keep this short (cause it all depends on Siena these days y’all) truth is when it comes to Christmas dressing, or any dressing actually, it all depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing.

Some tips remain valid even throughout the winter holidays: if you don’t know what to wear, or don’t have time – keep it simple. If you want a dash of Christmas in your outfit but don’t wanna be a Christmas tree – stick to statement details like jewellery, a great sweater, a bold lipstick etc.

1.Wear a DRESS for Christmas.

I know, I know… groundbreaking, but a dress does save the day, and you can feel anything from comfy to sexy in one, depending on what you’re going for. A nice dress can be the perfect pick for a family Christmas dinner for example.

Set the tone of this Christmas outfit with shoes and accessories. A little tip is if you wanna be super posh and chic, but don’t wanna climb on stilettos in the middle of winter – wear kitten heel boot. I swear they are a heaven sent gift!

2. Christmas sweater.

They’re having such a massive moment this season in any colour from the classic red to white, green, blue, et all. They’re geeky and fun and look amazing paired with something that’s the opposite like a pair of leather pants or a vinyl skirt. If you wanna be comfy and just make a holiday easy statement stick to jeans and a red Christmas sweater. It’s the perfect combo.

3. Loungewear for Christmas.

I’m not crazy y’all. Just tired and lazy af. Truth is after wearing that yellow knit co-ord I’m pretty soldo in the while loungewear concept and I think a great set can be stretched into a cozy family and friends get-together. Loungewear comes in so many styles right now, and it does;t have to be a pj inspired set or anything, it can be more like a cute comfy with a dash of sexy set for example. Wear a pair of cute earrings and nice makeup and you will be pretty fab for a cozy Christmas family date night.

4. Too cold for Christmas fashion.

Omg if I had a dime for all those freezing moments where I said to hell with fashion and chose uggs, leggings, a massive knit sweater, and the biggest puffer jacket ever I’d be filthy rich. Listen, these days with fashion getting a bit laid back… this mountain/sporty/cure/cozy style is pretty cool. And it keeps you so warm.

Basically all you need is a pair of great leggings, a pair of amazing warm fuzzy boots, a great oversized fab sweater, a cute hat, a big scarf and a beautiful puffer. Really this outfit is a winner I’ m telling you, especially if you’re out in the mountains, or on a winter holiday somewhere…